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      Delivery terms & conditions

The vehiclular access to your property must be suitable for upto a 7.5 tonne vehicle.

The access to coal bunkers/shed must be of a suitable surface for our delivery drivers to walk on / use.

The access to coal bunkers/shed must be from hazzards, ie trees, bushes, brambles, cables etc..

 Steps must be safe, secure and free from  slip hazzards and of the required dimensions.

Coal sheds / houses must be of resonable height for drivers to access

If any of our drivers feel the delivery would compromise their safety the fuel will be left where the vehicle stops, or a restocking fee plus transport costs will be incurred.

Payment terms & conditions

Payment must be made either before or at time of delivery.

Returned cheques will be charged at £16 per item transaction.

Any form  of late payment will incurr a charge of £3 per week until payment of account is made in full

Debit cards will incur a charge of 60p, Credit cards/ Paypal will incurr a charge of 3% of order total.

We accept no liability for any damages to property if we have been instructed to use a specific route, or to leave the public highway.

Upon placing your order you agree and are bound to the above terms.